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One of my professors in college told us to have a "broad palate" of musical knowledge. So I decided to revamp what he said with the ways I can help you. Check out below the many different ways I can serve you best!

Show Choir


All Custom and Pre-Arranged Show Choir arrangements contain the following:

  • Conductor's Score

  • Piano/Vocal Score

  • Instrumental Parts

  • Rehearsal Track (mp3 format)

  • Full Performance Track (see below for more info)

  • Edits (look below for more info)

Full Performance Tracks

On top of the rehearsal mp3 tracks you already receive with pre-arranged and catalog arrangements, I also offer Full Performance Tracks that feature my amazing vocal track team with digitally enhanced instrumentals, which are great for students to learn music quickly and accurately. Please note: These prices are if a full performance track is not already made. It doesn't matter if it's a custom or catalog chart, if the full performance track is already made, you will get both the rehearsal track (mp3 format) and full performance track. I offer a few packages:

  • Full Performance Track - $100 extra per chart

  • Full Performance Track with Part Tracks - $125 extra per chart

Edits to "Custom" Arrangements

I accept the fact that what you tell me initially might not always translate to the page. You have a two* extra opportunities to help make what is in your head come out on the page. Simple edits like cutting 4-8 bars here and there after you perform one competition per the suggestion of a judge can be done by directors and/or choreographers and may not be accommodated. 


Edits to "Catalog" Arrangements

I also accept that what I wrote for another school might not fit what you need for your group. You might love what's on the page, but have small adjustments you want to make. You have one* opportunity to help make what is in your head come out on the page at no additional cost. Some acceptable adjusts might include:  

  • Changing keys

  • Re-voicing from SATB to SSA (vice versa; TTB is trickier because of the ranges of men vs. women)

  • Combining two catalog arrangements to make one mash-up

  • Separating a mash-up to make one complete song

Not feeling your arrangement? Let us help you make it better!

If you have an arrangement already in hand and just are not feeling it, I can help with that too! You know it needs something to spice it up but just don't know what that is yet. I GOTCHU! I have a creative taste on how to spice things up to give you the best product to give audiences! 

Audition Prep

Solo Transcriptions

Need a 16-32 bar cut or full song but you can't find the sheet music? I can transcribe that cut for you so you can ROCK THAT AUDITION.

  • 16-32 bar cut - $30

  • Full song - $50

Rehearsal Tracks

If you already have the sheet music, but need an accompaniment/rehearsal track for a self tape or accompanist-less audition room, I can give you a clean and clear  accompaniment/rehearsal track so that you can ROCK THAT AUDITION.

  • 16-32 bar cut - $20

  • Full song - $30


Key Changes

If you already have the sheet music, but need it in a different key, I can get you that in a different key that fits your voice!

  • 16-32 bar cut - $20

  • Full song - $30

*After 1/2 edits, if you want additional edits, you will be charged

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