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Client Info Card

Please fill out if I have confirmed you on our calendar and have asked you to fill out. Please fill one form out per group and to the best of your ability. Be as specific as possible.


additional tracks - standard mp3 tracks are included

**Terms and Conditions**

Tyler Henderson Arrangements, LLC. requires that all pre-arranged and custom arrangements be submitted for licensing approval before the arranging process begins. This submission may be done by the director/choreographer, or the arranger, upon request. Please note that the licensing approval process can take several days or months depending on the arrangement. Once the license request process is completed, the person purchasing the arrangement must sign all required documentation for the license(s) and pay proper licensing fee(s). Once these steps have been completed, Tyler Henderson Arrangements, LLC. will submit full arrangements to the licensing publisher. Tyler Henderson Arrangements will not release any full arrangements to an ensemble until the publisher confirms that the license is valid and paid in full. 

Payment to Tyler Henderson Arrangements, LLC. is due within 60 DAYS after the invoice is sent. If payment is not received after 60 DAYS, a 20% late fee will be added and a new invoice will be sent. You will then have 30 DAYS to pay the invoice. After those 30 days, 10% will be added every subsequent 30 days until the invoice is paid. Tyler Henderson Arrangements, LLC. will not release any arrangements or Full Performance Tracks without full payment. Payment Plans are available UPON REQUEST.

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